Conference Papers 


1. Presse, André and Gilde, Ralf
„Early-Stage Technology Ventures in University Environments“
Institute for Small Business Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Conference, November 2015


2. Presse, André and Göbel, Maximilian
„ICT Start-ups in Germany and China: Differences and Similarities“
Research in Entrepreneurship (RENT) Conference, Zagreb, November 2015


3. Presse, André, Göbel, Maximilian and Terzidis, Orestis
„ICT Startups inGermany and China: Differences and Similarities“
Gründungsforschungsforum (G-Forum; führende Konferenz für Entrepreneurship-Research in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz), Kassel, Oktober 2015


4. Hassel, Marlonund and Presse, André
„Intrapreneurial Opportunity Recognition“
Gründungsforschungsforum (G-Forum), Kassel, Oktober 2015


5. Presse, André and Hölzle, Johannes
„Lean Sales Strategiesfor technology-based Start-ups“
European Academy of Management (EURAM) Konferenz, Warschau, Mai 2015


6. Presse, André, Metzeler, Fabian and Terzidis, Orestis
„Creativity in Teachingand Learning“ (Session Chair)
5 th Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship, Januar 2015


7. Engel, Kai-Guido and Presse, André
„Technology Entrepreneurship and the Influence of Creativity“
5 th Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship, Januar 2015


8. Presse, André
“Technology-managementfor Global Clean Water Supply: Implications for an entrepreneurial Technology-strategy”
Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), New York, Annual Conference, Toronto 2014.


9. Presse, André and Rüther, Wiebke
„Evaluating the Market Potential for a New Technology – The Salvinia Case“ (Session Chair)
G-Forum 2014


10. Presse, André and Zientek, Matthias
„Analysis of Crowdinvesting Startups in Germany“
G-Forum 2014


11. Echtermeyer, Niels and Presse, André
“Utilization of Distributed Innovation in the Start-Up Process”
G-Forum 2014


12. Presse, André, Stroisch, Philip, Mostaghim, Sanaz and Terzidis, Orestis
“Identification of Success Criteria and underlying Parameters for the Evaluation of newly created   Ventures”
G-Forum 2013


13. Presse, André and Riederer von Paar, Alexander
“Evaluation of Key Success Factors for New Product Development in small, early-stage entrepreneurial Firms”,
G-Forum 2013


14. Presse, André, Schneider, Joel and Terzidis, Orestis
“Analysis of Social Media-Marketing intechnology-oriented Start-ups”,
G-Forum 2013


15. Brandenburger, Maximilian, Presse, André and Terzidis, Orestis
“Business Angel Decision Criteria in New Ventures in the Seed and Early Stage Phase”,
G-Forum 2013.


16. Presse, André,Terzidis, Orestis and Parrisius, Julius
“Success Factors of German E-Ventures in the Early Stage Phase”
G-Forum 2013


17.  Presse, André
“Creating Entrepreneurial Incentives for a Global Water Supply”,
International Conference on Water Recourses and Environment Research (ICWRER),
Koblenz, Juni 2013


18.  Presse, André
Pivot or Persevere – Basic Principles forEntrepreneurship, Trier University, Chair for Corporate Management, Entrepreneurial Leadership Conference, Januar 2013


19.  Presse, André, Brandenburger, Maximilian and Terzidis, Orestis
Investment Criteria forBusiness Angels in Germany,
Young Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium (YERC), Ilmenau Technical University,
Oktober 2012


20.  Presse, André, Metzeler, Fabian and Terzidis, Orestis
Creativity in Teachingand Learning – existing Concepts and New Formats,
Young Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium (YERC), Ilmenau Technical University,
Oktober 2012


21.  Presse, André and Kneisel, Boris
Produktivität 3.0 – Agilityas Continuation of tayloristic Industrialization,
International Project-Management Conference (interPM), Mai 2012


22.  Presse,André, Hardorp, Benediktus and Wigger, Berthold
„Charitable Giving andthe Economics of Taxation“, Konferenz „The Economics of Charitable Giving“, Zentrumfür Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW), Mannheim, Oktober 2009


23.  Presse, André
„Can Fiscal Policy support Entrepreneurship?“
G-Forum, Jahreskonferenz, FGF (Förderkreis Gründungsforschung), November 2007
RWTH Aachen


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications 


24. Block, Jörn, Fisch, Christian, Lau, James, Obschonka, Martin, Presse, André

"Who prefersworking in a family firm? An exploratory study of individuals’ organizationalpreferences across 40 countries", Journal of Family Business Strategy, 7(2), in press


25.  Presse, André
“Multi-parametric Analysis of Success Factors forHigh-Tech academic Spin-offs” (in Vorbereitung)


26.  Presse, André, Block, Jörn and Hock, Stephan
“Why do Graduate Students from Technical Universities choose Entrepreneurial Careers? Anempirical study on 27 EU Members and 13 Non-EU States”
Family Business Review(impact factor 2.622; in Vorbereitung


27.  Hölzle, Johannes and Presse, André
“Success Factors forLean Sales Implementations in New Technology-based Ventures”
Journal of BusinessVenturing, eingereicht


28.  Presse, André and Schmid, Max
“Success Determinantsof Start-ups in Balanced Scorecard Framework: A Meta-analytical Approach”
Journal of ProductInnovation Management (impact factor 1.572), eingereicht


29.  Presse, André and Rapp, Lukas
“Growth of UniversitySpin-offs: Entrepreneurial Orientation and the Moderating Role of a Quality Strategy”
Journal of Technology Transfer, eingereicht


30.  Gilde, Ralf and Presse, André
“Early-stage NewVentures in the Environment of a University-linked Entrepreneurial Center:Experiences of the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute”
Academy of ManagementJournal (AMJ), eingereicht


31.  Presse, André and Riederer, Alexander
“New Product Development in University Spin-offs”
Journalof Technology Transfer, eingereicht


32.  Jordan, Tobias, Presse, André, Cordeiro, Paulo, and Buarque, Fernando
“Computer Simulations of Small Societies Under Social Transfer Systems”
IEEE Computational Intelligence, 2013, INSPEC 14451849, S. 638-643.


33.  Presse,André, Stroisch, Philip, Mostaghim, Sanaz and Terzidis, Orestis
“Multi-objective Optimization as a Methodology for evaluating Success Factors for Start-ups”
KIT Scientific WorkingPapers 12, 2013, ISSN: 2194-1629


34.  Presse, André and Werner, Götz W.
„Selbstbestimmt initiativ werden“, in:Europolitan, European School of Business (ESB) Journal, Reutlingen, Nr. 7 2010


35.  Werner, Götz W. and Presse, André
„Lösungen für eine moderne Arbeitswelt“,WISU-Magazin Nr. 2 2007


Referierte Beiträge in Tagungsbänden


36. Presse, André
„Initiating Entrepreneurship for Global Clean Water Supply“
in: Hipel, Keith and Fang, Liping (Hrsg.): 6 th International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research, Springer Publishing, Berlin 2015
ISBN: 978-3-319-14214-2


37.  Brandenburger,Maximilian, Frank, Gerda, Presse, André and Terzidis, Orestis
„Investment Criteria of German Business Angels”
in: Gossel, Britta (Hrsg.): Entrepreneurship Research, pp. 33-56, 2013
ISBN: 978-3-86360-072-3


38.  Presse, André, Metzeler, Fabian and Terzidis, Orestis
“Creativity in Teaching and Learning – Existing Concepts and new Formats”
in: Gossel, Britta (Hrsg.): Entrepreneurship Research. S. 96-113, 2013
ISBN: 978-3-86360-072-3


39.  Presse, André and Werner, Götz W.
“Reputation Factor CEO: The Board of Directors as a Brand”
in: Keuper, Frank and Becker, Jörn (Hrsg.): Leadership Reputation, S. 101-108,Berlin 2013
ISBN: 978-3-8325-3067-9


40. Presse, André and Kneisel, Boris
“Produktivity 3.0 – Agility as the next Step of tayloristic Industrialization”
in:IT-Projektmanagement 2012 im Spagat zwischen Industrialisierung und Agilität, S.15-26


41.  Presse, André and Eichhorn, Wolfgang
“Auswirkungen einesGrundeinkommens auf Unternehmensgründungen in Deutschland und der Schweiz”, in:Werner, Götz, Eichhorn, Wolfgang und Friedrich, Lothar (Hrsg.): Grundeinkommen:Würdigung, Wertungen, Wege, S. 183-194, 2012
ISBN: 978-3-86644-873-5


42. Werner, Götz, W., Presse, André, Hardorp, Benediktus, Eichhorn, Wolfgang, Friedrich, Lothar and Wigger, Berthold
„Von der Einnahmen- zurAusgabenbesteuerung“, in: Althaus, Dieter and Binkert, Hermann (Hrsg.): Solidarisches Bürgergeld, S. 213 – 225, Berlin 2010


43. Eichhorn,Wolfgang and Presse, André
„Grundrechte und Grundeinkommen“, in: Werner,Götz W./Presse, André (Hrsg.): Grundeinkommen und Konsumsteuer, S. 58 – 64,Karlsruhe 2007


Book Chapters


44.  Presse, André
„Investor Relationship Marketing for Start-ups”, München 2012


45.  Presse, André
„Grundeinkommen – Idee und Vorschläge zu seiner Realisierung“, KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, 2010


46.  Presse,André, Häußner, Ludwig Paul and Köke, Sonja
„Klimaschutz und Ernährungssicherheit“, KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, 2009


47.  Ackermann, Barbara and Presse, André
„Implementierungvon Wettbewerbsstrategien“, KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe 2007
ISBN: 978-3-86644-102-6


48.  Werner,Götz W. and Presse, André (Hrsg.)
„Konsumsteuerund Grundeinkommen“, KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe 2006